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M26 build year?

Postat: 31 mar 2016 09:29
av MattG

I have a Marieholm 26 with sail number 333 that is missing the hull ID plate, and am wondering if anyone in the forum can give me an idea of the boat's build year. It also has an old registration number on the outside of the cockpit, being CGX85 (I seem to remember the previous owner telling me that it was a Swedish registration number, but am not sure on that one). It had an MD5A engine in it when I bought it.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Re: M26 build year?

Postat: 31 mar 2016 10:48
av bubbleboy76
Mine is sail-number 156, built 1978.

Did you swap engine? What did you install?

Re: M26 build year?

Postat: 31 mar 2016 11:43
av M26 397 Helena
My Marieholm 26 has sail and manufacturing number 397 and it is from 1980. The old Swedish boat registration number that you have on the outside of the cockpit is a system that was abandoned yeras ago.

Staffan Troedsson
M26 397 Helena

Re: M26 build year?

Postat: 31 mar 2016 12:20
av MattG
Thanks Staffan and Bubbleboy76!

I installed a Volvo D1-13 a couple of years ago. With a bit of additional fibreglass it fitted well, but doesn't have a manual crank on it (I never had to use it on the old one, but it was nice to know it was there).