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Dropping the mast

Postat: tis 04 aug 2009 09:54
av YotMax
I had a minor disaster on Sunday and hope you can give me some advice.

I've been gradually replacing all the running rigging on the boat over the past months. I'd replaced a number of lines without trouble so far. The last to be done was the headsail halyard and, as luck would have it, I'd got it about half out when the line jammed solid. I'm guessing something about the join from new to old line is caught in the top block because I can see the last few centimeters of the old line still sticking out. Can't understand how that could have happened but still, the outcome is that I can't pull it in either direction now.


Normally I'd find a nice light person, strap them to the bosuns chair, connect the mainsail halyard and send them up the mast to inspect. But I'm disinclined to do this simply because I've had the boat less than a year and I don't know really the condition of the gear at the top of the mast. Call me overly cautious if you like but I'd prefer not to risk someone's health and wellbeing on equipment I'm not sure of!

So the other alternative is to drop the mast. This was a piece of cake on my previous boat (a 22' trailer yacht) but then it was built for it. The mast on the M26 I suspect would be much heavier and more awkward to handle. Does anyone have any tips or info for doing this? Any mast raising rigs that would be useful? Would it be easier, xx, better just to hand the lot to a rigger to check out?

Re: Dropping the mast

Postat: ons 12 aug 2009 23:45
av simon goold
I had to replace the running rigging last year speak to joe henderson rigging at mortlake number 9736 3626 I think he should be able to sort out your problem without dropping the mast.i have assumed you are some where on the parramatta river?
if you like give me a ring 0416 200 689 Simon