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I am very interested to hear from anyone who is racing in a mixed fleet of standard Marieholm IF boats some with Outboard(OB) and others with Inboard (IB) engined boats (possibly also Marieholm 26's also IB). If so do you have a handicap system ? PY or equivalent ? What are the relative handicaps for the three types?

Do you happen to know whether the weight/ballast/displacement of the OB and IB variations are the same? Or is there no reduction in ballast for engined boats so that the engined boats are heavier; my engine and gear box alone weigh 165kgs (the original Volvo Penta MD1B), there are also a heavy battery and steel fuel tank to be added to that. This compares to the weight of an appropriate OB (eg 4HP Mercury with electric start, battery charger , long shaft and sail drive propeller ) which can weigh as little as 25/30kgs.