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Mast height

Postat: tis 30 dec 2008 06:43
av YotMax
Hi everyone,

Hope you don't mind but I have another newbie question for you. Essentially, I am just trying to work out the height of the mast above the water line for my M26. I am looking at a potential permanent mooring spot but it would mean passing under a bridge that has 11.5 metres clearance MHW. I guesstimate the mast to be approximately 10 metres which is starting to cut things a little fine, especially if my guess is out. Can anyone advise please?

Re: Mast height

Postat: tis 30 dec 2008 17:52
av Aurora
Hi Yot Max.

I have the original handbook of an IF from the Marieholm yard which states 10.75 m. from the waterline.
I hope it can help you.
Ciao and Happy New Yar
M26 "Aurora"

Re: Mast height

Postat: tis 30 dec 2008 20:33
av maja
On the IF-boat the mast is standing 1.00 metre above waterline. The distance up to the upper limit mark is 9.5 metres. Additionally the rest of the mast, top navigation light. windex and VHF antenna are to be added, say 0.6 - 0.8 metre.

All together this will be more than 11 metres. Additionally, the M26 has a somewhat higher freeboard, say approximately 0.2 metres more. So 11.5 metres of free heinght seems not enough for me as long as you have not measured ýour mast and boat more accurate andf just making estimates.

Re: Mast height

Postat: sön 04 jan 2009 10:50
av YotMax
Thanks for your replies everyone. You've confirmed for me that I should say clear of that mooring. I've since applied for a mooring on the Parramatta River in Sydney Harbour. The only bridges I'll need to go under are 20+ metres. No problems there! :lol: