Mast steps

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Mast steps

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I am an italian sailor, proudly owning a M26 which I bought in Sweden.
I am planning to fit some steps to my mast for a more comfortable climbing to its top.
Is anybody out there that did it already? I will appreciate every suggestion on the feasibility of doing so many holes (to fix the steps) in such a small mast- Thank you in advance and best wishes for the next festivities.
Happy sailing to you all.

Arrigo Senigaglia
M26 Aurora

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Re: Mast steps

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Sharp edges like steps on the mast are not recommended, as there will be a risk for sails to be damaged, especially when tacking the genoa and when hoisting or lowering the spinnaker. Also the forsail sheet may be stuck with a footstep when tacking.

My own experience is that any sharp details and edges should be removed or sealed as far as possible in order to save the sails.
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