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IF Boat Manual.

Postat: lör 03 okt 2020 16:26
av Zag
I have seen an IF Boat Manual somewhere. I wondered if anybody has a link to one I could down load. Thank you...

Re: IF Boat Manual.

Postat: sön 04 okt 2020 16:35
av johan swe-1870
It's in the document section for members of the Swedish IF-boat association. Are you a member of the UK IF Club?

Re: IF Boat Manual.

Postat: tis 06 okt 2020 08:08
av Zag
Yes I am a member Johan of the St Mawes IF Boat club. ALan Macklin sent did not have a manual just the racing regulations and details. Somebody has kindly sent me a manual which is great and I have forwarded it to the UK club. Really interesting. It is in Swedish however so I cannot read it, nice pictures though Lol!
If there was ever one printed in English I would be VERY interested, and would love to buy an original copy.