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My new IF Boat!

Postat: lör 03 okt 2020 14:06
av Zag
I can now put pictures up and show you my new IF Boat. I have always wanted one and I will never sell her, she is beautiful and perfect for me. Great boats... is there a gallery of other members Boats?

Built in 1979 sail number 3344
2015 Beta 16HP
2015 Sanders Sails
2015 South Pacific windlass
Part new teak interior, cockpit cushions, interior cushions.
Copper coated hull
Seldon mast
and I bought her a trailer so I can work on her at home and escape the kids!!

Re: My new IF Boat!

Postat: lör 03 okt 2020 14:18
av Zag
I have the windows out to re seal, I have to re seal the stantions and genoa track etc to stop leaks. I need to put the little doors in as I have already varnished all the woodwork and I have polished the hull and decks. All the rigging has been washed and the sails cleaned. I need to service the engine for winter and run fresh fuel through it with additive. She has no head (toilet) thankfully and no sink which pleases me. I want to keep her simple and fun.

Re: My new IF Boat!

Postat: lör 03 okt 2020 14:30
av Zag
She will be moored in Chichester Harbour on the UK South Coast next year.

Re: My new IF Boat!

Postat: sön 04 okt 2020 20:57
av johan swe-1870
No, there's no separate boat gallery section. There hasn't yet been a great demand for that. Just post here, like you did, or any suitable section!

Nice photos of your boat! It's nice to see an IF-boat in other surroundings.

You seem to use land vechicles also from Sweden.

Re: My new IF Boat!

Postat: tis 06 okt 2020 08:16
av Zag
Yes I have been a SAAB enthusiast for over fourty years. Owning 36 including a Sonett, Two Strokes 96's, and each of the rest of the range. Like the IF Boat they were superbly engineered. I have travelled to Trollhatten to the SAAB museum a few times and discovered the west coast of Sweden from Gothenburg. I would love to sail it one day...

The green (original paint) SAAB is a one owner 70k miles which I will never sell, my IF Boat will be with me for years also, my last boat, love it, especially in orange.