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Sealing deck to hull!

Postat: 30 aug 2020 11:59
av Zag
What do you use to seal the deck to hull on the outer lip?

I presume you cannot get leaks from this area when the boat is upright just from rain as the deck lips over the hull. Leaks I should think can only happen with the deck submerged in the water when sailing at an angle? Just trying to work out where my leaks are coming from!

Thanks Chris

Re: Sealing deck to hull!

Postat: 30 aug 2020 16:42
av johan swe-1870
Use a good quality marine sealant! I now have Bostic Simson MSR CA. It seems to last better than the Sikaflex 291i I had before.

Also remember to check that all the genoa track screws are properly sealed!

Re: Sealing deck to hull!

Postat: 29 sep 2020 21:23
av Zag
Thanks Johan, I am taking the windows out at present to re seal, also the stantions, genoa tracks etc to stop the leaks!