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Verifying the age of my IF FIFI

Postat: mån 15 jul 2019 19:00
av sjcarter100
Hello I bought an IF last year in Hartlepool UK called Fifi. In the sales sheets it said it had been imported from Holland and that the year of manufacture is 1977. On my survey the hull ID was stated to be 8872 but I have found no evidence inside the boat to corroborate this. Can anyone help me verify the age ? many thanks Simon

Re: Verifying the age of my IF FIFI

Postat: tis 16 jul 2019 20:14
av maja
The only safe way to veryfy the age of an IF-boat is to find and read the building plaque from the Marieholm boatyard. See >> . This should be found on the main bulkhead under the mast beam, in one of the lockers.

The number 8872 has no relevance for age of boat. Probably it may be some sort of national regsitration number. Original sail numbers and/or manufacturing numbers should be less than about 3600.

Re: Verifying the age of my IF FIFI

Postat: ons 31 jul 2019 15:40
av mauri
Hello! I'm new in the forum and I have many qustions for you expert IF guys, one of the questions I will express here as I think it is related to the age of a specific IF-båt.
When does the change from model 1 to the actual model take place? (Model 1 has no hutchette in the front and some otehr minore details position of the fixture for the front stay, different flat place for the whiches, escape ways for the water on the deck, as I see...)
I have an old model (hull nr 31, likelly from 1967-1968) similar to nr 1. So I wander what are the differences in handling of the boat for the two models and when did the upgrade take place.
Fair winds

Re: Verifying the age of my IF FIFI

Postat: tis 06 aug 2019 09:56
av maja
Only the first 27 boats built during 1967 should be of this initial type.

There is nothing special of sailing those oldest boats. I have met No 1, No 2, No 6 and No 13 racing on different Swedish, Championship regattas during the past. No 13 has been very successful.

How do you know that your hull is number 31 ?
Is there a building plaque somewhere?

Re: Verifying the age of my IF FIFI

Postat: fre 06 mar 2020 15:49
av mauri
"How do you know that your hull is number 31 ?
Is there a building plaque somewhere?"
The plaque with teh Nr is on the port-side bulkhead.

To complete the description of the differences from the 1968-and-on models:
The hull is light ceruleum blue, and there is no built-in hatch on the bow deck (there is an add-on hutch, set by a previous owner).
The external traveler rails are running form the mast to the aft with no interruptions.
There are 4 compartments under the seat cockpit (and the interior space is therefore reduced).

Re: Verifying the age of my IF FIFI

Postat: lör 07 mar 2020 20:27
av maja
It seems that your boat may be of the 1st version. The information is somewhat uncertain regarding how many boats of the first version were manufactured. Maybe your boat could be manufactured late 1967 and sold early 1968.

The numbers on the building plaque of my own boat reads "646-71" . This means that the manufacturing number is 646 and the year of build is 1971. Maybe you have a similar layout of figures on your plaque..?

IF-hulls of the 1st version were manufactured 1967 and maybe early 1968.
IF-hulls of the 2nd version were manufactured 1968 -- early 1972.
IF-hulls of the 3rd version were manufactured mid 1972 -- about 1986

Re: Verifying the age of my IF FIFI

Postat: lör 20 jun 2020 19:17
av mauri
So there are three versions oF IF båt +67-68, '69-72, '72-86. Can we call them Mk I, II, III?
What are the main differences of version 1 and 2 respect to version 3?
For version 1, for what I can see:
  • absence of front hatchet;
  • holes instead of gaps for drainage in the outer deck rim;
  • dedicated place on the outer rim to position the pushpit (and a slightly shorter optional pushpit);
  • access to the front cabin limited with an oval passage;
  • shorter J (2515 mm).
The plaque on the bulkhead near the door, at port, for IF-båt nr 31, likely sold in '68, is this: