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Postat: ons 19 feb 2020 09:24
av Alex
We've just bought a 1978 IF Boat. We want to replace the cushion(fillings) and order new upholstery.
I could not find an inside plan with the measurements - before going down and measuring ourselves, did anyone order cushions and has the measurements at hand?

Re: Cushions/measurements

Postat: ons 19 feb 2020 15:18
av maja
If you are satisfied with the measurements of the old existing cushions, the best according to my opinion is to leave them as a tamplate to the supplier of new upholstery.

For getting an offer from a supplier I suppose that you can use hand sketching on some of the class rule drawings found on our website.

Re: Cushions/measurements

Postat: fre 21 feb 2020 18:01
av Alex
Thank you for your reply - I think I will measure the existing ones first.
Kind regards